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As a small business owner, taking care of your own books is not where your time is best spent. We remove this burden from you, so you can get back to the job of generating profits and running your business. See our bookkeeping services page for more information.
Laws regarding payroll are complicated and can be extremely time-consuming for small businesses, taking eight hours per month on average. That’s valuable time that could be spent generating new work, improving products or services, or taking care of customers. Our payroll services provide you the opportunity to spend time doing what you do best – running your company. See our payroll services page for more information.
If you have plans and ideas for your business locked up inside your head, we can meet with you to help you clarify the best route for your company’s direction. See our strategic business planning services page for more information.
Preparing your business and personal income tax returns can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers. Whether we like it or not, today’s tax laws are so complicated that filing even a relatively simple return can be confusing. It’s just too easy to overlook deductions and credits that you may be entitled to. Even if you use a computer software program, there’s no substitute for the assistance of an experienced tax professional. See our income tax services page for more information.

About Benchmark Accounting

Benchmark Accounting is a full-service accounting firm located in Mountlake Terrace, Washington. We offer a broad range of services for businesses, business owners, executives, and independent professionals. Our services include bookkeeping, payroll, strategic planning, and tax services. We are affordable, experienced, and friendly. Please call us today to find out how we can serve your business needs. We’re happy to offer you a free initial consultation.